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Advocating for our comminity

Team West real estate advocates for the community in various ways. Firstly, our individual agents actively engage in community outreach efforts, such as sponsoring families during difficult times. We understand the importance of supporting those facing challenges and strive to make a positive impact. Additionally, we are dedicated to working with children who are battling cancer. We believe in providing them with the support and resources they need during such a difficult journey. It is our way of bringing hope and happiness to these brave children and their families. Furthermore, we make substantial contributions to local nonprofits. By supporting these organizations, we aim to address various community needs and improve the lives of those facing hardships. We are committed to making a difference in the places we serve. Moreover, we actively collaborate with community outreach programs to assist individuals who are struggling to find employment. We believe in empowering people and helping them overcome challenges by providing them with opportunities and resources. Overall, Team West real estate is deeply invested in our community. We prioritize making a positive impact through our various initiatives, whether it's supporting families in need, working with children fighting cancer, or helping those facing job difficulties. We take pride in our commitment to the well-being and betterment of the community we serve.

966,292 Austin's Population 1.58% 1-YEAR GROWTH

Austin, Texas Growing Population

29.53 million

Texas, Growing Population

14.02% Across Texas

1 in 5 households in the Austin area is considered low-income.